[1] Connection Confirm
[2] Carbon Copy - im Email-Bereich Kopie der Nachricht an eine zusätzliche Empfängerliste
[3] CAS Common Channel
[4] Country Code (ISO7498)
[5] Communication Controller
[6] Cross Connect(or)
[7] Call Connect
[8] Connection Control
[9] C-Compiler
[10] Central Computer
[11] Computer Community
[12] Cost/Control Center
[13] Common Collector (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")
[14] Condition Code (->"IEEE Standard Dictionary")
[15] Computer Communication (->"Lexikon der Text- und Datenkommunikation")
[16] Crew Compartment (->"NASA Acronym List")
[17] Central Control(ler)
[18] Cluster Controller
Concurrent Constraint Programming over Finite Domains ( KI)

Acronyms von A bis Z. 2013.

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